1. Inflow investment in Nigerian market now hit N21.4 trillion - vanguard newspaper.

2. Per 1 hour, over 3 million Nigerians recharge their phones - NCC.

3. Nigerians spend at least 446 billion of naira on air time and data monthly

4. Banks make huge money, about N35 billion per month doing VTU telecom biz than their core financial biz

5. Data / air time is now the world most valuable resource.

6. Telecom industry is now bigger than oil & gas - techpoint

7. Average Nigerian spend N2,000 on airtime monthly

8. Over 130 millions Nigerians use airtime & over 91 million Nigerians access the internet.

9. Over 250 million active SIM cards now registered such that SIM cards are more than the population of the entire Nigerians.


I can show you how to earn back all the money spent so far on airtime and data.

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The Telecoms Sector now has a lot of wealth embedded in it but without knowledge you can never tap into it. You are missing out a great deal if you have not joined the train of passive income earners. All the banks have left their primary assignment and have ventured into Telecoms. That is why they keep asking you to use their mobile app for all your airtime recharges and cable subscriptions. Come and learn how you can make money when others Recharge their Phones, pay for Cable Subscription and NEPA Bill.

 No experience needed
 No special skills needed
 No certificate needed.
 No monthly target.
 No CV needed
All you need to get started is the right information and your smart phone. The Telecoms sector is creating young millionaires than any other sector you can think of. You can turn your mobile addiction into passive income.
Come and learn how you can also benefit from this industry.


Recharge and get paid Ltd is a limited liability company incorporated by the CAC in August, 2015 and licensed by the NCC on 22nd March, 2016 to carry out telecommunications business in Nigeria. Recharge and get paid Ltd has also obtained the distributorship license of all the Four major GSM network providers in Nigeria to distribute their recharge card digitally. As the name implies, it means when you recharge your own phone, you will be paid cash discount.

RAGP has Automated Selling Technology. Our Goal is to Build A Community of Airtime & Data Users.

This is Bigger than Oil & Gas Look at the Big Market. RAGP'S target is 70 million Users out of this population Nigeria's population is now 198 million-NPC The National Population Commission (NPC) has put Nigeria’s current population at 198 million people with urban population growing at an average annual growth rate of about 6.5 per cent.

Do you know what this means for Telecom business? Don't be a WATCHMAN and allow Banks, Quick teller etc. to be the only Organizations tapping into this *₦21.4 trillion dollar industry

Registration packages in RAGP

To be part of RAGP business, you must register in any of these packages:
1. Executive Platinum #100,000
2. Ordinary Platinum #50,000
3. Diamond #40,000
4. Gold #30,000
5. Silver #20,000
6. Bronze #10,000
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Basic benefits of an investor in RAGP

1. Registration bonus: 20% when u register in any of the above packages.
2. Power of attorney to refer other people to also get their VTU from RAGP. you can use this power or decline
3. Distributorship license to distribute the recharge cards of all the GSM network providers in Nigeria.
4. Recharging directly from your network provider.
5. Payment on your personal recharges
6. Payment on when u transfer/sell recharge card to anyone
7. 10% cash discount on data subscription
8. Cheaper cable TV subscription.
9. VTU bonus 10% u can only use this for calls. It's not cash Note: one doesn't have to refer anyone to get these benefits. Additional benefits for active partners
10. Direct referral bonus: 20%
11. Indirect referral bonus: 10%
12. Daily dividend: u will be earning from the recharge & data subscription of your direct and indirect down lines for life.
13. Leadership bonus: #100,000 monthly. Must be at least a Platinum member before you qualify
14. Incentives:
a. Free travel to Dubai or #500,000 in lieu. You must be a Platinum member before you qualify
b. Free tear rubber car or #2,000,000 in lieu. You must be a Platinum member before you qualify.
c. House fund of #3,000,000. You must be a Platinum member before you qualify.
d. Villa award of #4,000,000. You must b an executive platinum member before you qualify.
e. Gratuity of #6,000,000. You must be an executive platinum member before you qualify.

Here is exactly how the platform works/operate

-When you recharge, you get paid
-You buy data, you get paid
-You refer people to the company, you get paid
-Those you referred recharges, you get paid
-Those you referred buys data, you get paid
-Those in turn refer people, you get paid
-You register with Recharge and Get Paid Company, you get paid
-You are made a distributor and a dealer with all privileges to Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile.
Other services provided include dstv, gotv, Startime cable subscriptions
Details Required
First name:
Bank name:
Name on account:
Type of account:
Membership package:
Fill out the form and message me on whatsapp: +2348026930018
To learn more about this very lucrative business please keep reading or CLICK HERE! to join my whatsapp group.
Recharge and get paid is set up to provide a wealth creation platform for a variety of people anywhere they find themselves and provide a safe and secure place where a life-changing income can be built. If you are like us who are tired of online business inconsistency, products movement and hawking round the street on a daily basis.